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Family Food Challenge

Sri Lanka is going through its greatest economic crisis since independence, with acute shortages in food, medicines, power and fuel. Life has become very challenging for everyone, especially for people who were already struggling to manage. Record rates of inflation have led to eye-watering price increases in essential goods, and shortages mean that some basics (like milk, sugar, vegetables) are very hard to find. Many families are struggling to provide even one meal a day. In Badowita, where Asha operates most people have insecure work, and those jobs have become even scarcer in this crisis. The lack of fuel in the country has meant that buses and tuktuks are very scarce, so even people with jobs cannot get out to earn. This community was affected very badly during the pandemic, and barely recovered. The Asha team have been working hard to provide food parcels for local families, providing rice, lentils, coconuts, soya meat, sugar and tea. This has become a lifeline. We need to raise an additional £4000 to enable us to keep providing this essential food. Can you help?

At current rates: £10 pays for food packs for 2 families £20 pays for 4families £30 pays for 6 families £50 pays for 10 families


Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer to Asha Trust (Sri Lanka) Ac No: 41240552 Sortcode 40-07-18 Thank you for your continued support. To stay in touch with this campaign head over to over to our News page on our Asha website click here,

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