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We reached our target - with your help!

You are awesome! A massive thank you. You helped us exceed our target, raising £5962 to support struggling families in Badowita, Sri Lanka.

What difference will it make:

"A quarter of the population do not know where their next meal is coming from, World Food Programme officials say. In June, food inflation stood at over 80% year on year. " (Reuters, 7th July 2022) The funds raised will help people who are struggling to feed themselves and their families with a regular parcel of basic foodstuffs i.e. rice, lentils, coconut, milk powder, sugar, tea, soap and toiletries. The situation in the country remains dire and there are no quick fixes. We anticipate the monies raised will enable us to continue the food drops for another 3 or 4 months.

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From the Local Team

Gayani and Karen, two of the local team describe the present situation: ''From April , there's been nothing but turmoil in everybody's lives in Sri Lanka! It’s been a combination of several events from the pandemic to poor government and the war in Ukraine that has brought our country to economic collapse. Nothing can be planned and we live day by day now. The political situation seems to be getting worse and its hard to see a way forward without international assistance and humanitarian aid. Our work in the community feels absolutely critical for the children and their families because there is so little food available and only those who have savings can afford these very high prices. We are determined to continue our work of teaching the children, constantly adapting as the situation changes.

Switched to Online teaching! Since June we have gone back to teaching online! The challenge to go back to teaching and learning for the children took about a week to settle into as the problems we faced again were plenty; from data to smart phones being needed for the switch! But we have found ways around most of these, and we are delighted that most children are engaging with the lessons."

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