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50th Food Drop

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

''I am so grateful for the food supplies ... I can't believe I still have rice to cook.

Many blessings to the Asha people…’'Ms N

‘’I have no words to express my gratitude ... I know all the hard work that goes into finding donations and arranging to bring the goods when there are so many shortages in the country. I know the hard work that (the team) put in so we are looked after… may Asha centre be here always so our children remember kindness’’ Shianne

On 3rd June we delivered our 50th food drop to the community in Badowitha. Of course we can’t be but moved when we receive messages like these. To know these food drops are making a difference is humbling and inspiring.

At the start of 2022 we had planned to stop providing basic food stuffs, we knew it was needed during the pandemic but as the lockdown rules were relaxed and people started drifting back to work we thought we would be able to phase these out over 3 or 4 months. Asha has always been about a hand up rather than a hand out and we were looking forward to putting our energies and resources into supporting people as there came out of the covid crisis, for example with greater mental wellbeing support and a way into sustainable jobs. However, with the severe economic situation in Sri Lanka we are having to carry on supporting our families twice a month with additional food. We are committed to doing this while the need remains. Each food drop presents a challenge- a challenge which is growing as basic food stuffs are increasingly difficult to find and the costs have gone up tremendously due to inflation, e.g. the price of rice as more than doubled in a month. So the local team are having to spend more money and time sourcing food and supporting those in food poverty.

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